Get to know DBT data build tool

Get to know DBT data build tool – free introduction 2021

Get to know DBT data build tool. Overview on the DBT environment and concept.

What you’ll learn

  • introduction on what is DBT
  • DBT overview
  • how to install DBT
  • various examples and several components of DBT


  • SQL


Get to know DBT data build tool :

In this course you learn how to install DBT data build tool ,
learn the concept of DBT data build tool
you will see the environment how to run it,
understand how to materialize tables and views from a select query (SQL)

what is DBT data build tool:

DBT data build tool is designed to help you materialize select queries into tables or views with override or incremental on a different database or schema.

The idea is to take data sources and transform them into a data warehouse.
The first phase (that is not a part of DBT data build tool) is to bring the data into a staging area (schema for example).

When all the data you need to transform resides inside the staging (that can be from several sources for example CRM, ERP, call center, sensors…)
you can develop a select query with all the functionality of SQL, that includes joins, calculations, windows functions, and more goodies in order to materialize it into another schema.
you can create complex transformations with dependencies between SQL code (reference) to form a data flow and use variables and configuration YAML to control the DBT data build tool Job.
You can also create tests like we do in programming.

The course is an overview for beginners,
in case you want to learn to develop with DBT data build tool
I recommend the course “learn to master DBT data build tool online course”


ETL developers, DBA, BI developers, decision makers that consider DBT data build tool, SQL programmers, data Analysts, data engineers.


SQL, GIT (nice to have)

My name is Steinberg itamar, I am in the fields of data engineering, that is: ETL, ELT, DWH and Business intelligence for the last 15 years as a developer, team leader and manager, I developed and managed many projects in those areas. always keeping hand-on capabilities.

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Who this course is for:

  • ETL developers
  • BI developers
  • DBA
  • decision makers that consider DBT
  • SQL programmers
  • data Analysts

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