Understanding Key DAX functions in POWER BI

Understanding Key DAX functions in POWER BI

This course helps you Understanding Key DAX functions in POWER BI that are useful in day to day reporting development.

What you’ll learn

  • Key DAX functionalities on the core working of the function itself
  • The working of DAX formulas
  • Learn the core concepts of Evaluation Context and setting the initial context
  • In this course you will learn Important and Advanced topics of DAX functions and Concepts with practical examples.


  • Basic knowledge on POWER BI and DAX


Understanding Key DAX functions in POWER BI

Course covers different functions that are used in day to day reporting development and is helpful to understand the core concepts of these DAX functions. The videos are precise to topic and no additional information is covered other than the topic itself.

** This is not recommended for you , if you are already good at DAX and understand the core DAX functionality , as this course is designed for who wanted to explore the KEY DAX functions and just getting to learn DAX.

Key Topics Covered in the Course : 

· Understanding Context in Power BI

· Evaluation Context or Initial Context in Power BI

· Aggregations or Filter Context in Power BI

· Iterations or Row Context in Power BI

· Understanding Cumulative Sales Calculation

· Understanding Rolling Total Calculation

· Power BI Slicer Selections To Use With Different Measures

· Understanding ALL Function

· Using TOPN Function

· Understanding ALLSELECTED Function

· Understanding LASTNONBLANK Function

· Understanding TREATAS Function

· Difference between USERELATIONSHIP & TREATAS

· Calculating MEDIAN value

· Understanding CALCULATETABLE Function


· Different Ways You Can Use The TOPN Function

· Uses of Iterating Formulas In Power BI

· The Main Difference Between ALL And ALLSELECTED

· Advanced RANKX – Deep Understanding

· How To Use The GROUPBY Function In Power BI

· Dealing With Mulitple IF Statements In Power BI Using DAX

· Dynamically Change Size Of Visual Based On Ranking Selection in Power BI using DAX

· Create Dynamic Visuals Based on Ranking in Power BI using DAX

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Who this course is for:

  • POWER BI Developers , Power BI Report Builders

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